Lessons Learned

Throughout my freshman year at EHS I have learned and experienced many things that have impacted my life. Coming into high school I was a excited to have a change from middle school and I wanted something different. My first high school experience was making the golf team. I had always been apart of sports and I love sports because of many reasons but golf was different for me. From the first day of golf our team was told that it is more than just a sport, it’s about family. I barely knew anyone on the golf team and within the first week I got to know some amazing people. At the end of every day it didn’t matter if I had just shot the worst game of my life because I knew that my golf family would be there to support me no matter what.

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Along with family I learned that it’s not about how bad your last hole was it’s about what you are going to do on the next one. I believe that this goes beyond the game of golf itself. In life you cannot be paralyzed by what you did in your past. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s how we learn and make ourselves better that matters.

Another lesson I learned this year is that hard work and determination can get you anywhere.  I learned this from this years basketball season. This year the team I was on went undefeated in league. Our coach always told us that we were not going anywhere in life or on the court if we went through the motions without giving it 100%. It may have taken many sets of lines to realize but I now understand that if you give it your all, there is nothing you can’t do.

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One thought on “Lessons Learned

  1. Maddie,
    Your blog is looking great! I can relate to these lessons learned as well. I have learned so much in basketball and golf this year too. I am so ready for golf to start back up again and getting the family out on the course again! Keep up the great work on your blog.


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